Made In Africa Comedy Challenge

Durations: 10 x 30 minutes

Genre: Reality, Comedy talent search.

Availability: worldwide.

Ready made and Format rights


Joke To Fame
Format and Ready Made Programme

Duration: 13 x 60 minutes

Genre: Comedy. Reality sitcom / Talent search.

Language: English.

Availability: Worldwide. Format and ready made Programme

 A unique new format in reality TV. A clever blend of sit-com and reality.  In Joke to Fame the search is on for a complete performer, The Comic Actor, The Master of Ceremonies, and above all the Stand Up Comic that will tickle your ribs to fame and fortune. After the selection process 50 finalist are put through situations to enact using comedy, in other segments of the show the judges and contestants “dare” each other with tasks that have to carried out before the next week. And the final segment, two contestant are paired and have a battle of words. The contestant with the most laughs from the audience is saved from elimination. In between all this there will be guest comedians, dancers and musicians to entertain. Its more than reality, its pure entertainment.



Comedy Show

Lessons learned. throuh comedy Eurjeje show us how to live better lives, be better people. In each epissdoe evrday situations are played out, using comedy, from which valuable lessons are learned.  Episodes include:  Appelation of God, Comedy, Competition, Eastern praise, Erujeje, Four lessons, The gourd,




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